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K-5 Short Film

Baby Girls
Lehigh Elementary
A short funny film about 2 girls getting a sister.

Cops and Robbers
Lehigh Elementary
This short film is about cops catching the bad guy!

Trafalgar Elementary
Two girls fall into a dimension with no candy!

The Four Ninjas
Gateway Elementary
Four Ninjas protect a town and capture the thief.

The Legend of Redneck Jerry
Gateway Elementary
One man, One chip, and one hamburger are ready to take on the challenge of surviving a mysterious island. Can they survive ?

the Pet Vet
Lehigh Elementary
The Pet Vet is a video about 2 pets that fight and have to go to the vet to nursed back to health.

The Terrible Talent Show
Skyline Elementary School
The story of a girl that has prepared herself all year for the annual talent show.

Trafalgar Elementary
Two girls accidentally travel to another dimension without technology!

Tiny Toy
Trafalgar Elementary
A young girl turns into a tiny toy. How will she get back to normal?

Yummy Sweet Potater Chips!!
Fort Myers Beach Elementary
A short film about a dispute over yummy sweet potater chips.