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K-5 Music Video

Lehigh Elementary
These 2 girls wrote this song for the Student Film Festival.

Hall of Fame
Gateway Elementary
In this music video we have tried to use elements of the 7 habits exhibited by students at Gateway Elementary school to tie in with the theme song. I created a violin arrangement of this song in a slightly Celtic style, which is one of my favorite styles of playing. I recorded this version in the studio and then we shot me playing at the beach. The chorus was recorded separately and we shot video during the process. I feel the result of putting all these elements together is an uplifting video presentation with a positive message that also show cases my school.

Hall of Fame
Christa McAuliffe Charter Elementary
Our music video is a good way to show that you need to keep trying and keep believing in yourself and to be unique - your own person and you will succeed!

Lean back
Skyline Elementary School
A self written song, performed and starting its creator Joseph Benitez.

Mrs. Tyson's Class rAP
Tortuga Presereve Elementary
Motivational rap to get students ready for their day!

Music Makes Us Feel Better
Fort Myers Beach Elementary
Mallory invites Alonna to be a part of the group.

The Greatest
Lehigh Elementary
This is a song about why Lehigh Elementary is the greatest school.