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K-5 Instructional

Bumps on Keyboard
Skyline Elementary School
A look into why your keyboard has little bumps on the F and J keys.

Hot Ice
Lehigh Elementary
Students teach people how to make hot ice!

How to Get Autographs
Gateway Elementary
How to get baseball autographs at Jet Blue Park

How to make a difference in your community
Lehigh Elementary
This is a video on how to make a difference in your community. Showing it's as simple as cleaning up in your local neighborhood, or giving you other ideas to try no matter your age.

How to Play Soccer
Lehigh Elementary
Students explain how to play soccer.

How to wash your hands
Skyline Elementary School
A step by step instructions on how to wash your hands with a few key points on way you should wash your hands.

Instructions for Football
Lehigh Elementary
Students explain the rules for playing football.

Trafalgar Elementary
Two girls instruct what to do and what not to do in the world of stunts.

Tips On Making Friends
Gateway Elementary
This video gives idea of how to make friends when being bullied.