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K-5 Animation

Crime Scene
Christa McAuliffe Charter Elementary
Stop Motion Animation version of a Crime and what happens in the following moments. Cause and Effect.

Cupcakes vs Lollipops
Gateway Elementary
Three cupcakes go on a long journey and meet fact to face with the lollipop king and his two servants. 3 vs 3 they have a war. The lollipops lose and the pink cupcake gets the crown. They go back to their car and the crown flies out the window.

Hey there Delilah
Hancock Creek Elementary
A stop-motion video about Delilah's trip to New York City.

Pacman's Journey
Gateway Elementary
Pac-Man visits other 80's video games and decides he wants to stay in his own game.

Pokemon Go!
Lehigh Elementary
This animation is about a Charmander that is annoyed. Pikachu tells him to kill the bird that is blocking the views. They do and they eat it.

The Invasion
Lehigh Elementary
An alien invasion. The mom has to defend the whole world.

The Magical Mindcrafter
Gateway Elementary
This is about a minecraft character that has the ability to place any blocks she wants.