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9-12 Short Film

After School
Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts
After finding out about a mysterious rumor about the school, they decide to break in to find out about its secrets.

Ida Baker High School
A tale of two young vampires on a quest to kill the menace that has been terrorizing the city.

Riverdale High School
How do you find your soulmate? Would it change the way you "looked" at the world if you knew that there was definitely someone out there for you?

Complex Man
Lehigh Senior High School
Dark mystery of a guy in a dark room.

Riverdale High School
There's more than meets the eye to a young man on a date with a new girlfriend.

Library Massacre
Fort Myers High School
Never Read Alone

Bishop Verot High School
In this suspense film, Katie hopes for a perfect homecoming proposal, but instead finds what she believes to be a cruel joke. When her friend reveals the truth it's already too late. *This film has been edited to fit the time requirement*

One Call Away
North Fort Myers High School
Soldier gets deployed and his girlfriend is left to deal with the pain of him leaving.

Sweet Dreams
Bishop Verot High School
In this suspense short, girls are going missing in Lee County as the killer sets his sights on his next victim.

Terror of the Night
The Lee Virtual School
Two brothers spy on their sibling who is up to some mischief.

The Heartbreaker
Fort Myers High School
When you make a deal with the devil, you never get quite what you bargained for.