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9-12 Music Video

A Home in the Streets
Ida Baker High School
A music video featuring skating.

Be A Buddy- "You're a Part of Me"
Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts
A view of the 2017 Special Olympics.

Fort Myers High School
Enjoying a day at the Beach

City of Stars
North Fort Myers High School
Set in down town fort Myers a girl takes a chance but will she follow her instincts to find happiness?

Day on the Water
Ida Baker High School
A day on the water catching sports fish.

Island Coast High School
Promoting FSA testing.

Riverdale High School
A high school girl eager to fit in finds out that not every "in" crowd is safe to be with.

I spy
North Fort Myers High School
Fun Music video about a high school couple.

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Riverdale High School
A unique perspective on love and loss.

Leave A Message
Fort Myers High School
Music video for Gnash's "Leave a Message" about love and loss.

Lovely Day
Riverdale High School
A boyfriend more concerned with his phone than his girl gets a wake up call.

Music Video of Ruth B's "Lost Boy"
Estero High Schol
This is a song about how there was a lost boy in peter pan. The people in the video are all representing each of the characters.

Rise Up
Cape Coral High School
A music video portraying the problem of bullying in school.

Social Sickness
Bishop Verot High School
This music video tackles the issue of how society is becoming desensitized to shocking images and video on social media and how people equate 'likes', reactions and comments with popularity and fame.

The Gold song - POV music video
North Fort Myers High School
the first person live action music video takes us through downtown Fort Myers in a high intensity chase. Who will come out with the gold?

The Prince of Ida Baker
Ida Baker High School
Remake of the Prince of Bel Air music video. Classic TV show from 1990's

When You're Young
Fort Myers High School
A lullaby of when she was young