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9-12 Instructional

Baking Buddies
Ida Baker High School
The weekly Cooking Show with Baker Buddies.

Custom J's
Riverdale High School
A step by step look at customizing kicks that have seen better days.

Everyday Makeup
Riverdale High School
A fun tutorial on an everyday makeup look.

How to do a news show
North Fort Myers High School
Teach students how to put on a news show.

How to Get Ready for Game Day
Fort Myers High School
A how to on getting everything set for a successful Game Day.

How to make a cheer Bow
North Fort Myers High School
how to make a cheerbow.

Magnifying Glass Fire
Fort Myers High School
How to light a fire with a magnifying glass

Safety in the Plating Room
Island Coast High School
How to be safe as a new employee at S4J while in the plating room.

T-Shirt Dog Toy
Fort Myers High School
Turn a t-shit into a toy for man's best friend.

This is Not a Cereal Bowl
Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts
Mary Ann Bucceroni from Food and Nutrition Services shows viewers the correct portion sizes for cereal.