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6-8 Short Film

Buy a yearbook
Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle
Blaze remembers why yearbooks are important.

Drugs Don't Last Long
Varsity Lakes Middle School
Students show the health risks and consequences of taking drugs.

Lose Yourself
Bonita Middle School Academy for the Arts
Although, it's easier to hide your true self, it's always better to show who you really are.

Mystery Doors
Veterans Park Academy for the Arts
Find out what is behind the Mystery Doors on campus

Nobody Likes Karma - Instagram Edition
Varsity Lakes Middle School
He wants followers on instagram, but doesn't know what he is getting into.

Race To The End
Varsity Lakes Middle School
Best friends decide to race then one gets upset over the outcome.

Rise of the Gorilla
The Lee Virtual School
A boy's dog goes missing after a gorilla escapes from the zoo.

Cypress Lake Middle
A casual jog turns into a race for their lives.

The Crystal
Cypress Lake Middle
A mysterious crystal leads to horror.

The Lost Child
Gulf Middle School
What is she doing to the babies?

The Thang
Gulf Middle School
What is the Thang?

Cypress Lake Middle
Four friends hanging out takes a nasty turn when a menacing stranger shows up.

Verbal Bullying
Veterans Park Academy for the Arts
Students act out example of verbal bullying and tell how to deal with it.

Voices for the Voiceless
North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts
A video about the advocacy of animals in shelters and animal treatment.